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PERFECT WEAPON - IN DEVELOPMENT Written by: Jesse Cilio Director: Fatmir Doga. Producers: Gabriel Gee Koncz, Rafael Primorac, Fatmir Doga, Jamie R. Thomson, Brenda Cameron, Carlotta Montanari, Austin Kim. Production Co: Starway Film, Lava Production, Arramis Films, Goldfire Films, Green Pearl Films

Axel Ray is an unstoppable assassin for The Secret Spy Organization. With a flawless record of never missing a hit, he is sent on a dangerous mission to assassinate an enemy of the state. Unfortunately, this time he fails. The organization is eager to find out why, and they decide to kill him…but can they?



THUNDER ROAD - IN PRE-PRODUCTION Written by: Landen Wakil, Director: Skyler Wakil, Produced by Fatmir Doga, Gabriel Gee Koncz, Michael Wakil ,Rafael Primorac, Carlotta Montanari, Brenda Cameron, Austin Kim

When Danny meets eyes with Mary working behind the cash register, these two lonely teenagers find themselves to be a little less lonely. Though when the struggles and demons within Mary's past find themselves in between their romance they together must ultimately make the decision to repeat their parents mistakes or take the risk to find something better for themselves by defining their own future taking off on Thunder Road.








BEING AMERICAN (2014) Starring: Christopher McDonald, Sienna Guillory, Klevis Doga, Caitlin Carmichael, Robert Miano

Written and Directed by: Fatmir Doga. Produced by: Austin Kim, Gee Koncz, Fatmir Doga, Brenda Elliott, Rafael Primorac, Thomas Chan, Ron Althoff, Robert Miano


...what happened that night should be a lesson to the whole world that hatred is the greatest enemy to humanity. It is an issue that needs to be resolved by going to the root of the problem. And it needs to be resolved immediately!



THE ARCHITECT (2013) (Directed by Fatmir Doga, Produced by Gabriel Gee Koncz and Fatmir Doga) Starring Stacy Keach and Masiela Lusha


Pride and ignorance - a clash of two sins results in chaos. The most beautiful dreams of a parent spawns into a cataclysmic nightmare that devastates the entire family. How can this happen on the day when they reach the land of paradise?!




A MATTER OF JUSTICE (2011) (Directed by Fatmir Doga, Produced by Gabriel Gee Koncz and Fatmir Doga) Starring Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter.

This high tension, action driven story puts loving father, Leo Ibiza, against sinister child-killer Walter Karl. Some 9 years ago, Walter Karl was convicted for the brutal murder of 11-year-old Annie Gordon and sentenced to 17 years in prison. Now, out early for good behavior, his release sends shockwaves through the city. Horror stricken citizens fear that he will again prey on their innocent children, and as expected, Walter Karl's transition back to ordinary life is a short one. An unexpected meeting with Leo Ibiza sets off a chain of catastrophic events.

Leo's lovely young daughter Jacqueline goes missing and Walter Karl becomes the prime suspect. Leo finds himself in a situation no parent should ever have to face! The result is a marvelous moral contemplation of society's standards, citizen's rights, courage for the sake of love and the path to redemption.


88 minutes





For The Love Of Horses (2010)

For the Love of Horses tells the compelling story of the Attard family, the most prolific horse racing family in Canada. The documentary illustrates how the invincible spirit of four penniless and uneducated brothers propels them to thrive in the highly competitive and demanding sport.

“For the Love of Horses is an expressively moving, family story of loyalty, determination and accomplishment,” commented Madeline Ziniak, National Vice President, OMNI Television.

With stables at Woodbine Race Track, brothers, Joe, Tino, Sid, Larry and their children, play over-lapping roles in all aspects of the industry. They begin as pony boy, breaker, hot walker and groomer, and advance to horse owner, trainer, jockey and breeder. As their dream of becoming the most sucessful Canadian family in Canadian thoroughbred horse racing comes true.

60 minutes




IN BETWEEN (2007) (Directed by Fatmir Doga, Produced by Gabriel Gee Koncz, Fatmir Doga, Albert Xhaferri, Zef Luca and Ylli Doga)

There are two kinds of world - the one we dream about and the one we're in. The Kodra's live somewhere In Between. This candidly intimate story follows the dizzying effects of dislocation, loss of identity, unrequited dreams, foolish pride and bad choices. With passports in hand and money in their pocket, the idealistic Kodra family embarks on a new life in Canada-a life packed with unrealistic dreams. Upon arrival, they set out to conquer, but are completely unprepared for the series of ill-fated events that follow. Willful and inflexible to alternative ways of thinking, their life begins to spiral out of control.





Blood, Guts & No Glory (2007) (Gee Koncz - co-producer)

As told by the wrestlers themselves, this excellent documentary film highlights personal interviews with Jimmy Hart, Mick Foley,  D-Lo Brown, Kid Kash and more.  Blood, Guts & No Glory delves into the dark corners of wrestling's truths, shining a spotlight on important and controversial subjects such    as:  drug use, politics in the business, homosexuality, the effects of lifestyle on family, the truth about payments and much more.

 Feeling the pressures to succeed and stay at the top of their sport, professional athletes often turn to other, sometimes unethical practices,  

such as steroid use. Blood, Guts & No Glory shows the frustration, heartache, family issues, and disappointment that these athletes



 63 minutes





MANSFELD (2006) (Gee Koncz - associate producer)

At 15 he and his family became victims of state terror. At 16 he became a freedom fighter to participate in the 1956 Revolution against Soviet oppression. At 17 he is betrayed and arrested by the dreaded Secret Police (AVH). Now he has to spend the remainder of his life in a political prison, called Hell's Hallway, to reach the legal age of 18 before his death penalty can be carried out. Peter Mansfeld was 18 when he was unjustly executed by the totalitarian regime of Hungary. Today he is remembered as one of the national heroes of Hungary.






RAW, EXPOSED, UNTOLD (2005)  (Gee Koncz  producer)

This unique behind-the-scenes documentary deals with the everyday trials of exotic male dancing in North America. The film aptly shows how male dancers have to cope today with the numerous hardships caused by a steady decline of this exotic industry. Audiences will learn what it takes for the male dancers to survive in this highly competitive and demanding exotic industry. At the same time, the film allows the viewer - for the first time - to go behind the scenes and see what is on the other side of the stage, something that has never before been seen on TV.


88 minutes





THE BALL OF THEIR LIVES II (2005) (V) (Gee Koncz - co-producer)

This documentary offers an inside look into the Helicon Ball  the largest of their kind in all of North America, which is started forty-six years ago. These ball was inspired by Budapest's Opera Ball, which began in 1886. They offer a way of holding onto an important tradition cherished by the members of numerous Hungarian communities, that spread all over the North American continent. Hundreds of guests travel to Toronto each year from the world over to relive the grandeur of this belle époque. Today, two-thirds of these guests aren’t even of Hungarian origin, which illustrates the popularity of these debutant balls amongst other North American cultures. Debutantes come from various backgrounds such as Polish, Chinese, Italian, French,

Scottish and many others. They see the event as a way to learn a long-forgotten art: "The preparations for tonight have taught me how to be a lady… it has been an unforgettable evening. I feel like Cinderella," explained one debutante.

This documentary film provides snapshots of these informal preliminaries, as well as capturing the formal pageantry of the ball  itself.


100 minutes





WHO SAYS FOLKLORE CAN'T BE FUN! (2004)  (Gee Koncz - co-producer)

‘Who Says Folklore Can’t Be Fun!’ documentary takes a fresh new look at the celebration of Hungarian folk music and dancing in North America. Filmed in Canada during the 2004 Pontozó competition, the documentary follows the participants during this three-day event as they explain how they got involved with Hungarian folklore and why they think it is such an important part of their lives. So, join these talented dancers as they go about their expert performances of the most unique and traditional dances and songs from various Hungarian and Transylvanian regions, and see why it does not matter whether you are four or sixty years old folklore can still be tremendous fun for any willing participants.  


50 minutes








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